Wrapping up the year!

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 1.21.50 PM

On Wednesday, May 31st interns joined together for the last day of the year. It was a bittersweet experience, with the excitement of summer approaching being muffled by the realization that we were no longer going to be seeing one another every week!

To celebrate all the leadership, stewardship, and service the interns have shown throughout the year, we held a potluck at Dimond Park. We chose Dimond Park since it was a place that we had participated in multiple projects with. Just to name a few; working on the trail, learning about the steel head, conducting surveys, and so on. This place felt like home to us!

Interns participated in a short reflection, reminiscing all the fun (and not so fun) moments of the year. Next, it was time for certificates and stipends! Woohoo!

To finish off the final meeting of the year, interns took to the trails to disperse their Earth Inspired Nature Rocks throughout the park. The purpose of these rocks are to put a creativity twist on making the community feel connected to nature. Rocks were painted with a variety of images, some even had Steelhead Trout to make the public think twice about what might be flowing beside them!

It may have been the last day of the year but it felt great leaving our mark on a place that holds so many memories for our team. We may not be able to see each other all the time like we once did, but we can always go visit our space and see the beauty we left behind!

Great job to the 11 Oakland High 2016-2017 Earth Team Interns! You will never be forgotten! 



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