Women in Science, a day full of empowerment!

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On Friday, Jan 27th Oakland High and Oakland Tech female interns joined together to spend the day with the Clorox Company for their Women In Science event. The day consisted of an all female scientist panel, tour of the laboratory, and a screening of the new hit movie Hidden Figures!

Our team, of all young women, had an amazing time, and are extremely grateful to have had the experience with the Clorox Company. Here is just a bit about what our OH Interns had to say:

“The visit to the Clorox research and development facility was an eye opening experience. Meeting all the female scientists and researchers really inspire me as a female and a student in a male-dominated society. Their stories and the stories from the movie “Hidden Figures” created a connection among all the female students there, especially minority female students. They inspired in us a powerful force to pursue our dreams and reminded us that we can be whoever we want to be. As a female, we encounter more difficulties than males. There is always a gender stereotype that females are not as competent as males and it is hard to overcome that ideology. But when we find role models and real life examples of females who have overcome the almost impossible, we know that we can too and that there is a reason to give our best fight. The most important lesson that I learned from that community of female scientists and from the stories of the women behind NASA’s launches is that success is achieved by effort and there are no limits to the world in which we cannot transcend.” – Cai 

_ _ _ _ _

“Hidden Figures. This was a movie about black women who worked at NASA and one was a math genius, one wanted so badly to be the first black woman engineer, and another was a great leader, able to fix any machine, and very smart as well. These three women didn’t get the title that they deserved and they were not treated how they deserved because they were black women. At the end they all got what they deserved, leader and worker on machines, the next became the first African-American woman engineer, and the final was the smartest math genius in NASA. This movie shows to me that if you work hard for something you can get it no matter who you are inside or out and I really enjoyed it.

This was basically everything from the Clorox Company trip with Earth Team and other women/girls. I do not want to ever forget this trip and I want to be able to share my experience with other people (and show them all my notes). I hope I will get the opportunity to tour The Clorox Company again sometime in my future.” – Brianna

_ _ _ _ _

“I got to hear so many experiences about other people. Somehow , it helped increase my confidence. I really admire these women who shared their experiences with us. The women were so cool and they gave us useful advice.

The movie was really fun and inspiring. Seeing how hard these 3 women worked for their own goals and what they believed in makes me want to do that too. Since I start joining this program, I go around a lot and get to learn a lot of new things. I hope that we will continue having many events for both girls and boys, so that we can come together and learn.” – Huong

_ _ _ _ _

“As we did the Q&A, I was very happy to know that women can still do things even with our new president taking our rights away. It made me feel good. As we explored new surroundings like factories, I felt really good to be there and see my options as a women. When we were learning about their projects, I felt like my life has been expanded. I was grateful to be accepted to go. This field trip made me feel confident and worth something. It is a day I will never forget. EVER.” – Sophie 

_ _ _ _ _

“I know it’s a all white school. But listen, they are trying to fly a man to the moon there, they need people, and they need exact calculations. And we, are ready. But to apply for that, I need to go to college, with all the white men. I don’t wish to be, but I have to be the first. And out of all the cases you take today, your honor. Which would make you the first?” –Hidden Figures

It only took less than a minute for her to say those words, but it will last in my heart for a lifetime…. they continued to thrive, and proved their ability with their actions, and finally gained the approval from the others. If I would to put this experience into five words, it would be: Impressional, Inspirational, Educational, Memorable, and…Powerful.” – Chuyi 

_ _ _ _ _

“Having the opportunity to go to the Clorox company was such a privilege and honor. We got to meet female scientist from all kinds of places and ethnic backgrounds. It was very inspiring to be able to meet scientist who looked like me or came from the same background as I did, with challenges of their own that they overcame. Some of the most motivating obstacles the scientist faced were coming from different countries or Continents, having to work 2-3 jobs to pay for their education or misogynist discrimination in order to do what made them happy.  

My favorite part of the day was getting to see Hidden Figures. I had already seen it, but for some reason the movie was more powerful being surrounded by accomplished scientists and future successful women. Watching a movie about powerful woman who had to scrape and fight for what they wanted to pave a way for the future generations, and to be surrounded by those future generations was so…life changing. I will never forget my time at the Clorox company because they made me feel intelligent and like anything is possible, they made everyone feel like they were the next successful scientist and I’ll forever be a Clorox customer” – Itzel 

_ _ _ _ _

“When they shared their stories about who they are, where they come from and how they became successful, I was very shocked and inspired. I was shocked because I thought it was not possible, especially being someone of color. I thought that my chances to be someone important were limited. I was also inspired because seeing so many women of color who were constantly being pushed down racially by not just men, but by other women. It inspired me to believe in myself and to also follow my dreams. After seeing the movie Hidden Figures, I left home with a brand new perspective. I am determined to not let anyone push me down while I am trying to reach my dreams.” – Kelly

Special thank you again to the Clorox Company for creating opportunity for these young women! 







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