Interns help ESA Juniors launch 3-Bin Monitoring!

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 12.48.58 PM.png

Last week, Interns partnered up with ESA Juniors to kick off the year-long, ongoing lunch time monitoring of the four 3-Bin Stations at Oakland High. It was a bit crowded, but it was nice to gain the monitoring perspective and give constructive feedback to Juniors to help ensure a successful 3-Bin system.

Here are some of the recommendations OH Interns had for ESA Juniors:

* Places some of the bins in a busier location. 

* Have everyone sign in at the end so no one leaves early. 

* Remember that soft plastics and utensils go in the landfill! 

* Let peers try to sort themselves before correcting them, so that they can learn.

* Remove some of the big landfill bins that are close to the stations, so students don’t avoid the 3-Bin stations.

Interns were asked if they thought Oakland High would pass their next waste audit now that Juniors are monitoring (passing means less than 10% contamination). Ten out of twelve interns think that Oakland High will pass their next audit, as long as the monitors stay focused and make sure their peers are properly separating!

Here is what some of our interns had to say: 

“I think Oakland High has the potential to pass, but only if they can still keep the knowledge of proper sorting in the back of their minds. If not, there’s no way.” -Katie

“I do not think they will pass because sometimes the juniors are not there to monitor for certain days (like today) so it is really hard to know if people learned or not.” –Cai

“I believe Oakland High will pass the next Waste Audit with the monitoring system in place, because they will get used to it and will just know it off their head” -Peter

We are looking forward to utilizes data collection and analyze to access and ensure progress of the 3-Bin System stations at Oakland High. Check us out next week as we wrap up the year brainstorming our new Service Learning Project to tackle waste issues in Oakland!




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