Interns train OH Environmental Science Academy Juniors!

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Recently, Oakland High Earth Team interns taught O’high’s ESA Juniors about how to monitor the 3-bin system. Interns split into teams and created 3 different components to their presentation; pre/post survey, educational poster, and sorting bingo game. Interns stepped up to the challenge and pulled off a great presentation! Here is what a few of them had to say.

*Student Blog*

After doing a school trash audit, Earth Team brought forth this information to ESA’s (Environmental Science Academy) junior students where we educated and informed of all the trash we were wasting and how to make it better. We came up with the teaching materials ourselves, coming up with slogans to say and cool educational games that’ll make the juniors really learn something. Then we presented, this was a huge step of courage for the interns, as most of us have anxiety when it comes to speaking in crowds.

Written By: Britany

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For the ESA juniors, we decided to do these activities because most of the interns are juniors and so we thought this could relate to them. We communicated well and learned about each other in this process. Next time, we can work on time management and get more prepared. Things that surprised me is that the ESA juniors, were more engaged than some of us were.

Written By: Sophie

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