LEAF at the Presidio National Park!

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*Student Blog*

Just recently, OHS Earth Team got together with other Earth Teams from other high schools and went camping! We went to the beautiful Presidio in San Francisco, where we spent our two days hiking by the alluring Golden Gate Bridge,having campfires with hotdogs and s’mores, and learning about ourselves, the fundamentals of camping and each other. Camping with other schools was much more fun than i expected it to be, I usually don’t like meeting new people but everyone was kind and funny and i had something in common with most of individuals there.

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The hardest activity we did was definitely the hike. There were so many stairs and steep walkways that many people in our group were out of breath and at the end of their ropes emotionally, but with teamwork and encouragement we all made it up to the top together and the view made it all worth it. Many people said they learned a lot about themselves and their endurance.

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The campfire was the most fun because we played games and relaxed with my favorite snack ever s’mores. I think this is where we learned the most about each other. We played games everyone was free to be themselves. Friendships and a little more than friendships *eyebrow wiggle* were made. Definitely looking forward to next year.

Written By: Britany Borens, Earth Team Intern

Thank you for reading!



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