Interns spread awareness about waste issues at this years Bay Day!

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 1.13.27 PM.png

Oakland High kicked off the year with their first weekend event, the Point Pinole Regional Shoreline Festival, part of this years BAY DAY (like earth day..but for the bay). Interns put their work to the test, with an estimated 1500 attendees checking out their interactive activity to bring awareness about waste issues in the bay!

Lets hear what they have to say..

What do you think went well? What did you like most about speaking with community members? 

“We think that taking shifts throughout the day went very well. Talking to little kids was very fun and enjoyable. Parents were surprised about the game and how much they actual knew about trash. We enjoyed working together, we started to get to know each other better within our teams.”  -Katie, Itzel, Sophie, Kelly


What was the most challenging part of the day? In what ways can you improve for next time? 

“Some of the challenges we faced were: getting by passers attention, and running out of activities when it wasn’t your shift.

We can improve by making the board games more durable and being more enthusiastic. We can also introduce more of Earth Team to the audience. The team should tell the audience fun facts about recycling.” -Bryant, Peter, Marie, Cai, Brianna


What did you enjoy most about the Shoreline Festival? What was something that you learned? 

“We enjoyed talking to all the people who visited our tent, and visiting different organizations and programs during other’s shifts, they provided a lot of fun stuff. We learned about what each of them do to be a part of the team to help improve the environment, and also have a deeper understanding of how much most people know about compost and waste.” -ChuYi, Huong, Nichole, Julian, Britany


Overall, we had a great time sharing our new knowledge with the public and participating in activities with local environmental organizations. Thanks for reading and keep a look out for next week’s blog as interns prepare to train Oakland High ESA Juniors on how to Monitor a 3-Bin System!



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