Introducing our 2016-2017 Earth Team Interns!

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After a long recruitment process, we have finally assembled our team of leaders! We spent our first meeting playing name games, sharing interesting facts, and going over what the program is going to look like this year. Oakland High is going to be apart of our Waste Action Program, tackling waste issues both on and off campus by bringing awareness to peers and the public and working together to develop solutions! From conducting waste audits, to training Junior ESA members on how to monitor, to hosting litter marches we are ready to get this year started!

Check out OUR TEAM below..

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My name is Julian, I am a total science nerd with a passion for biology, field herpetology, art among other things. I joined Earth Team to find people with similar interests and find out about other programs that deal with environmental issues.

Interesting Fact: Great at sewing.

– – – – –

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I’m Sophie. I am 16 years old and I go to Oakland High. I enjoy beading and learning new things. I joined Earth Team to learn more about my community and see how I can help.

Interesting Fact: I want to be more independent.

– – – – –

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My name is Brianna Jefferson. I joined Earth Team because I wanted something extra to do and the things I heard that Earth Team did sounded pretty cool to do in my free time. Something that I like to do is dance (choreography), and also to sing. I am excited to do different things during the weekends about earth and meet new people in Earth Team.

Interesting Fact: I like to be quiet and just stay inside of my own bubble but i could be outgoing a lot of the time as well.

– – – – –

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My name is Marie Rodriguez-Takado and I am in the 9th grade at Oakland High School. I am excited to join Earth Team and learn more about what is going on in Oakland’s environment.

Interesting Fact: I like to dance and do acting.

– – – – –

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My name is Bryant La and I attend the prestigious Oakland High School. My hobbies include breathing and blinking. I joined Earth Team to give back to a world which has given me so much (you know, when you compare my life to, say, the life of a child in a developing country torn by war).

Interesting Fact: I cannot perform twenty one-armed pull ups in a row. Or even one.

– – – – –

Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 5.52.16 PM.png


I am Britany Zhane (Jah-nay). I am really excited to go on Saturday field trips to learn about the environment.

Interesting Fact: I love to bake.

– – – – – 

Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 5.54.00 PM.png


My name is Kelly, and I attend Oakland High. I joined Earth Team in order to repair the earth for all the damage that we have done.

Interesting Fact: I enjoy playing soccer.

– – – – –

Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 5.55.48 PM.png


My name is Huong and I am currently a sophomore at Oakland High School. I love learning, joining clubs and programs. I also love reading. One thing that I am interested in about Earth Team is that I can learn more about the environment and how to protect nature. I also want to make more friends and share my knowledge.

Interesting Fact: I love taking photography.

– – – – –

Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 5.41.16 PM.png



A wanderer with the trees in the wind. Oakland High. Being in Earth Team provides the outlet to change the world.

Interesting Fact: Living in the world of books and minds of poetry.

– – – – – 

Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 5.58.27 PM.png


Hi, my name is Nicole V. and as you can see I joined an internship called Earth Team. A bit about me and my hobbies, I am deeply into the world of art and some of you that are reading this have probably seen my visual art posts on my social medias. But I am into more than just drawing. I also like to dance, write, and play viola. Out of all the types of art I am involved in, I would have to say the best is probably writing. Although you may see small sketches on my class worksheets, or even spot me trying to break dance in the new building during lunch.

– – – – –

Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 5.59.51 PM.png


My name is Itzel, I am 14 years young and I go to Oakland High. Something that I am most interested about Earth Team is going on hikes and interviewing people.

Interesting Fact: I love bows, big bows, you will be seeing me wear a bow to almost every meeting.

– – – – –

Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 6.01.21 PM.png


My name is Katie, but you can call me Katie Ann or K80 if you prefer. I’m an eighteen year old senior at Oakland High. I am interested in video games, a lot. (Mainly interested in a game called League of Legends). I am most excited for the actual experience of Earth Team. I want to witness and live through it but also forge a friendship with my fellow peers before I graduate Oakland High. (Since I won’t be here next year while everyone else is still in school).

Interesting Fact: I type extremely fast.

– – – – –



My name is Chuyi Fang, I am 13, a freshman in Oakland High School. Something that I am interested in is drawing and exploring new things, get to know about the world. I joined Earth Team because I love nature and want to do something to improve the environment that we are living in.

Interesting Fact: I have a great curiosity, so I wonder about almost everything.

– – – – –



My name is Peter Huynh and I am a student at Oakland High. After I graduate I want to go to UC Berkeley and thinking of learning and majoring in mechanical engineering so I can become a Mechanical Engineer for cars. I am excited about and expect to learn from this program is to learn and create things where it can help make our environment better and cleaner.

Interesting Fact: I am a night person

That completes our leadership team! Thank you for reading and make sure to check out next weeks blog!

Leadership  I  Stewardship  I  Service


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