EarthTeam Internship Overview

For EarthExpo, Interns got together to create an overview of the internship and highlight some of their accomplishments.

This year the Marine Debris Project at Oakland High has had an amazing impact on students. Their efforts to reduct litter on their campus, in their communities and in their watersheds in Oakland has resulted in cleaner streets and waterways as well as a deeper appreciation of Oakland.

Check out their report below for their overview:

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Marine Debris Project

Oakland High 2015-2016 Interns

  1. Who is EarthTeam?

EarthTeam is an environmental education non-profit that empowers teens to become lifelong environmental stewards through experiential education, skills development, and the building of community connections.

Interns meet once a week throughout the school year to learn about marine debris and other issues impacting their communities, collecting data to determine a priority litter to address, and finally plan and implement their project plans.From data collected, interns began identifying litter hotspots in the area as well as what the main type of litter they were finding. From there, interns were able to brainstorm some solutions to reducing that target litter.

Trash Can Mosaic

Partnering with the City of Oakland, interns adopted trash cans and a street along MacArthur Blvd to monitor litter. They are currently bringing their trashcan mosaic designs to life as a way to bring more public awareness to marine debris.

Recycling for Canteens

After collecting data and determining that disposable water bottles are a huge problem on campus, interns set up a special recycling system to collect water bottles and, with the funds received from recycling, plan to purchase canteens for their peers.

Exploration and Collaboration



In class meetings turn into hands on field outings that provide meaningful watershed experiences for participants. Interns learn how to be leaders in their community by hosting litter cleanups and beautification events. Interns learn about their local watershed, the ecological features, how to collect data, and how to utilize that data to work towards real solutions to address litter issues.

  1. How does data fit in?

Data helps shape the conversation for the internship. Collecting real world data helps ground interns in their watershed and makes the conversations around solutions applicable to their community. After the first month of data collection, interns meet together to dissect their findings and identify litter hotspots and target individual pieces of litter they find to have the most impact in the environment. From there, interns create small group projects to address their agreed upon target litter and launch into project planning and implementation.

OAK 2015-16 Data

  • Raising Awareness

Throughout the internship, students work together to find ways to engage with their community about litter issues. While hosting litter cleanups, interns get to share their experiences with the public. There are always opportunities for the public to be involved in cleanups and beautification events.

Lake Merritt Cleanup.png

  1. Get Involved

Sign up for updates on how you can get involved for the 2016-17 school year and follow us on social media for live updates

Project Instagram: @EarthTeamOaklandHS

Project Blog


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