Trash Can Mosaic Project

Interns have been completing weekly litter assessments at our Oakland Adopt-A-Spot location. In small groups, we go out, armed with litter pickers, gloves, trash bags, and data collection cards. In 20 minute intervals, we collect data on litter type and quantity. At the end of every assessment, we weigh our trash bag to get a final weight of all of the individual pieces we collect.

We realized we were getting about the same amount of litter every week and realized that, by the look of the candy wrappers, food trash, lunch trays, and abandoned assignments, that this litter may be coming from the school.  In response to this, we decided to make the trash can more visible so our peers can see where they can throw their trash away.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 10.45.16 AM

We created an art competition for the school to participate in. We gave classroom presentations and posted flyers everywhere around the school. While we waited for art submissions, we submitted an application to Oakland’s Adopt-A-Spot program to adopt the garbage can at our litter assessment site. After a challenging push for submissions, we were able to get at art submission approved!

We will begin the mosaic project on Wednesday, March 16th. Stay tuned for updates!

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