Lake Merritt Cleanup

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The Lake Merritt Cleanup was held Saturday, December 19, 2015. We met up near the Rotary Nature Center at Lake Merritt at 9:30AM. Our purpose was to identify and clean up the trash around the lake that had been dragged down by the rain the night before. There was one participant from San Lorenzo High that came with his mom to help out as well as a volunteer from Oakland High!

We learned about the history of Lake Merritt, how it came to be and we held a discussion about why we should keep the area protected. We voted on what direction we wanted to complete our trash pickup, divided into 2 working groups, got our materials, and began the cleanup. We worked from area to area around the lake. Most of the trash we picked up was plastic – specifically water bottles and food wrappers!

There were also some hazardous materials such as broken glass, syringes, and even clothes that we found as we continued with the cleanup. We realized that because of the rain, trash from different areas along the watershed found its way to Lake Merritt from the storm drains. We also noticed some of the people who exercised littering and contributing to the problem. Overall the Lake Cleanup was a good experience. We got to work together to keep the lake clean. We are all looking forward to having another cleanup!

  • Amy V.
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