Reflecting & Pushing Forward

The first semester just passed and our Eco-Matic has established many thing great things! Throughout our first five months of the internship, we learned how to participate as a group in organizing our research and projects about addressing litter in our school. The main action that was helpful on our project was! In addition, we also helped with waste audit on our campus by Bin Monitoring in the commons (cafeteria).

On our Zero Litter Project, we learned how to collect data from our litter walk using as a tool. It helped us with identifying litter hotspots around the school campus and our community. With our litter walk, we could also identify the most common types of litter and figure out ways to reduce it. is a key to make changes in littering; we are gradually making progress toward our goal.

Bin monitoring on our school campus was the bomb! We found that teaching our fellow students about waste is extremely helpful for our school because students are more likely to properly separate their trash. Other students and I learned how to recycle and throw away trash into the right bin. With support from each other and the staff, we could easily identify the difference between landfill, compost, and recycle! It was a fun and effective experience for everyone.

In the second semester, I am looking forward to improving our teamwork and achieving our goals to reduce litter at Oakland High. I am ready to research and collect data for our new projects in semester two and find more resourceful ways to reduce the litter capacity in our environment.

– Zanin D.

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